Spiritual addicts have usually seen several counselors, pastors, religious leaders, have prayed many deliverance prayers and attended deliverance sessions but are finding little, if any, freedom from lust, anger, blaming behaviors or being offended.

Just like any addiction (sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gaming, etc.), what makes an addiction an addiction is that it is used to escape or numb out.  The person has tried to stop but hasn’t been able to.  They need a larger amount of the substance.  The substance is needed more often.  The behavior is causing problems in any one of the following areas: career, health, legal status, finances or relationships.

Spiritual addiction is no different, just more socially acceptable, especially in a religious institute where you are expected to speak and act spiritual.  So it is well hidden and accepted, which is the problem.  The spiritual addict expects God is going to do all the work.  They don’t have to look at themselves or change their behaviors.  God will change them.  The only problem is this thing called free will and the fact that God will not violate anyone’s free will and choices in life.

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