Transformed Hearts Counseling Center, Inc. offers a FREE 20-minute counseling assessment for anyone who believes he/she may be struggling with sex addiction, intimacy anorexia or an offended heart.  This on-site or telephone assessment will help determine if you are a sex addict, intimacy anorexic or struggle with an addiction to being offended.  No matter where you are located throughout the world, we can help through telephone counseling.

Since we specialize in these three areas, Cory Schortzman, MA, LPC, SRT, Transformed Hearts Executive Director and Founder of the SA Recovery Association, has written a number of resources on this topic.  For more information, please visit Cory’s blog, view our video series, or browse our online store.  You can also learn more about our 3, 5 or 10-day intensive outpatient programs.

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For a minimal fee, we also provide online self-assessments for you to determine if you feel you are struggling with sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia or an offended heart.  However, depending on the results, we strongly encourage you to schedule a free assessment with a professional, as it will be more in-depth and provide some helpful tips and tools for recovery.

Please select from one of the three assessments below.

Sex Addict Test
Intimacy Anorexia Test
Offended Heart Test[/one_third_last]