Intimacy Anorexia Test

By Cory Schortzman, MA, LPC, SRT

The best way to determine if someone may be struggling with intimacy anorexia is to have the partner of the individual answer the following questions.  If any portion of the question below is true more often than not about your partner, please answer yes.  Otherwise, mark no.   Once the self-assessment is completed, you will receive an email with the results.  Based upon your answers, we will recommend a course of treatment.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This does not take the place of a professional assessment, we strongly encourage you to schedule an initial counseling session with a Licensed Professional Counselor to determine if intimacy anorexia is an issue in your relationship.

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If you input a valid email address above, you will receive your self-assessment results via email within 10 minutes of submitting your answers.  Schedule your initial assessment online today, contact our office at 719.590.1350.