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Is Personal Responsibility & Repentance Lost?

This year I have observed a startling trend that individuals and couples refuse, “can’t” or more accurately do not want to take ANY responsibility for their poor choices and behaviors that have hurt those [...]

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The Cost of Being Offended

Our nation has an addiction ‑ a hidden addiction ‑ a socially accepted addiction. In my opinion, this addiction is the foundation of all addictions and compulsive behaviors. This is the addiction to being [...]

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The Power of Forgiveness

I have observed that many, if not most, people really do not understand what forgiveness means or how to sustain and maintain it.  Furthermore, people who have grown up in religious homes have the [...]

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The Power of Perspective

Cycling can be a wonderful experience‑going down a hill or when the wind is at your back.  However, if you are pedaling uphill or against the wind, cycling can be much less enjoyable.  The [...]

The Power of Boundaries and the Word “No”

All day, every day, we are inundated with advertisements wanting us to say yes to things. The ads, products, services, fundraisers, salesmen, and pitches we see or hear in a day are in the [...]

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Nothing puts Life into Perspective quite like Death

This year has been very difficult for Cory and I as well as for our immediate and extended family due to numerous health issues and the topic of discussion today. I hope you don’t [...]

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Passive, Anorexic Men Married to Assertive, Dominate Women

I see a theme with many couples I work with.  This theme is that of intimacy anorexia, love, sex addiction and codependency. Traditionally, it has been believed and thought that a man struggling with [...]

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